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Indian railway Station Code

Indian railway is a one of largest rail network and there are more than 7500 stations across the country. It’s very difficult to remember station code of every station. You can use this tool to find out railway station code of any railway station. With the help of this website you can search station code of any station that’s located in India. You have to select only state and station name this tool show you station code of that station along with station name and state. station code is a unique code that’s mainly use to identify railway station.

Use of station code

1. berth reservation
2. identify the station
Whenever you try to reserve berth in Indian railway you need to fill up station code or name in source or destination station field. You can use station code in source station and destination station that’s very easy to use but very difficult to remember. This website provides you easy way to find out station code of any station.